The Modern Web by Peter Gasston

I've been meaning to write this review for a while now but I've successfully put it off for months. Since I'm trapped in a giant mettle »

Do you need a degree to become a developer?

No. That's it. You can stop reading now. I've seen a lot of stuff online recently regarding the question of whether you need a computer science »

Resizing your VirtualBox hard disk

I've blogged about upgrading the size of your virtual machines disk before. Back then I was using VmWare but I've switched camps to VirtualBox so thought »

Chrome (Canary) workspaces

I've been playing with Chrome workspaces recently and thought I should share how easy they are to set up. They make it much easier to tweak »

The intialization module in IIS8

Remember those days when you had to wait for a web application to 'warm up'. If you had a quiet website this meant that if no-one »