My iPad 2 - initial thoughts

So I've recently jumped on the bandwagon and got myself an iPad 2, so I thought I'd go ahead and share my initial thoughts on it.

The first thing I've found myself doing after setting it up is looking for an app for everything and obviously preferably an ipad app. Although the iPad does feature a handy 2x feature for any iPhone apps I find myself edging away from any apps built just for the iPhone simply because once they have been stretched they don't look great on the iPad. I found myself surprised that certain companies hadn't yet created specific apps for the iPad, companies such as Facebook, Google for their social media offering plus and a few others. One notable exception is twitter which actually has a great iPad app. I soon came to realise that I was actually being quite naive in looking for an app for everything, I think because I've come from the android phone experience I guess I was assuming the iPad was simply a much bigger phone and there would be an app for most things which allows me to access all the functionality on this new format. It soon dawned on me that I was going the website for anything that didn't already have an iPad app and I had immediate access to every piece of functionality from the website and wasn't being limited to the small subset that the company had decided to develop into an iPad app. In fact as I sit here this morning I'm actually using the iPad to write this post directly to the posterous website and yes it is actually very easy to type using the keyboard, the occasional mistakes I make are swept seamlessly under the carpet by the great auto correct feature.

I won't go on about the great screen or anything like that, plenty other reviews have gone into that. In fact the other thing that I will mention is an app I've been using called Flipboard. Although there are hundreds of great apps out there such as the Amazon windowshop, Adobe ideas and the Guardians eyewitness I've found myself using the iPad primarily to consume in the first few days and I keep coming back to Flipboard. It essentially allows me to aggregate all my news feeds from my google reader and many sources that I haven't explored yet into a magazine format which let's me browse through all the content just showing the first few lines and then dig down into any stories that I find interesting. A great tool for anyone who hasn't tried it yet