Do you need a degree to become a developer?


That's it. You can stop reading now.

I've seen a lot of stuff online recently regarding the question of whether you need a computer science degree to get a job as a developer and I've been surprised by a lot of the responses. Some people will not interview anyone without a degree. Some won't interview you if you have a degree. Some people just don't care. I've got to admit I fit into the last category. I care more about what you know now, or sometimes more importantly what you're learning now, and not where you learnt it.

Some of the best developers I've worked with didn't study computer science at university. On the flip side some of the best developers I've worked with did go to university. It doesn't really make a difference. The thing that in my opinion made them better developers was their attitude towards learning. They were continuously trying to improve themselves.

University isn't for everyone. As I've said before everyone learns in their own way. The question you've got to ask yourselves as employers is whether you're getting the right candidates through the door? Are you missing out on people because they don't have a few letters after their name? Should you be using a more appropriate method to filter out the wheat from the chaff?